Week Commencing the 1st of August was kicked off by assembling the remaining stringers for Hills Quarry Products. The stringers, 40 x rights & 40 x lefts will be used to support the field conveyor components. The field or ground conveyor was originally supplied by AB Conveyors 3 years ago and is still being used today. The stringers will be included in an extension of the existing conveyor as the customer needs have changed in the last 3 years as is the case with many customers we serve in the quarry industry.  Our conveyor support services guarantees the best results for your business and provides maintenance and therefore peace of mind for years to come.

The 3m stringers will be heading out in September 2022 to the customer site along with support legs and wind hoops, making it one of the largest orders this month in terms of quantity and time required to complete.

The stringers were assembled by Rhys & Conor Barker, who are usually situated in the AB Office. They are called into action when things get very busy and have proven to be reliable stand-in mechanical engineers. The stringers were then quality tested by the machining department and then passed back on to transport to arrange delivery. As it stands, the order will be delivered in bulk with the other components in the order sometime in September.

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