Supplying a comprehensive range of rubber products to meet the individual needs of customers across arrange of sectors and applications.

At AB Conveyors we stock a wide range of top-quality skirt rubber products that has been put together to meet the specific requirements of our customer base. We can create customised orders, or you can select the products that you might be looking for from our premanufactured items.

We have a team of highly knowledgeable experts with many years of experience working with conveyor belts and associated products, and we pride ourselves on offering the best levels of service to all of our customers. If you are not sure exactly what products will suit the requirements of your company or you cannot see exactly what you are looking for then get in touch with us and the team will be happy to help you. In addition to our range of new conveyor belts, horse mats, chevron conveyor belts and much more we can also deal with conveyor belt maintenance and our highly skilled vulcanisers can assist with rubber repairs onsite. We can fix a range of different equipment, and no job is too big, or too small.

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    More on Skirt Rubber

    Skirt rubber is a common component in all conveyor belt applications, and it is vital when it comes to preventing any type of spillage at the material loading points. This is a specifically designed type of rubber sheet that is used as a conveyor belt to assist at loading, transfer, and discharge points. It is important to ensure that you have the right skirt rubber for your requirements in order to ensure that your safety measures are followed so that you can reduce the chance of an accident occurring.

    When it comes to skirt rubber, the products that we stock are top quality. They are available in 65 shore hardness and come as a thickness of 10mm. We also offer our skirt rubber in 10m x 1400mm wide rolls, but if this is not the size that you are looking for then we can also work with you to create a custom size.

    As well as fulfilling all of your skirt rubber requirements we also offer door scrapes, door rubbers and hinge rubbers as part of the full range that we offer. These come in a number of different widths and thicknesses and of course if we don’t have exactly what you are looking for then we can custom make something that will work for your application. Whether you are looking for skirt rubber for the mining and quarrying sector, the waste recycling sector or for use in agriculture then we can help you.