We can supply a wide variety of flooring grade conveyor belting with something to suit a number of individual client requirements.

Our comprehensive range of flooring grade conveyor belting offers the perfect solution for anyone looking to protect, cover or line a variety of applications from motorsport tracks to horse stables.

Over the years the flooring grade convenor belting that we supply at AB Conveyors has been used for a range of different applications. This range mainly consists of second-hand conveyor belts that we have received in our workshop for maintenance or repair. Once we have had the opportunity to take a good look at it and have deemed that it is not suitable to be considered to be in a good enough condition to be resold as usable second-hand belting for a range of different industries, we do not like to just discard it. This belting, providing one cover is in good condition, still has plenty of life left in it and can be used as flooring grade conveyor belting. This flooring grade conveyor belting is idea for use in a variety of different applications including as workshop flooring, blast mats for demolition, stable flooring and entrance ways at events and shows.

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    More on Flooring Grade Conveyor Belting

    At AB Conveyors we believe in doing our bit for the planet and reducing waste as much as we can. Whilst some conveyor belts may no longer be suitable to use for their original purpose, provided there are no compromises on the high standards and quality that we pride ourselves for there are some ways in which these can be reused. For this reason, we repurpose as much used conveyor belt, that is no longer suitable for resale in its current format, into other items. This can be a range of flooring and matting options including workshop floors, clast mats, stable floors, and workstation mats – if you are looking for flooring and matting options then we can help you.

    We can also assist you if you are looking to have flooring custom designed to your own requirements. The selection that we already have in stock is very comprehensive, offering a range of top-quality rubber products for both outdoor and indoor use. Building a solid base underfoot can be an important consideration in many situations.

    If you are not sure what you are looking for, or if you have any specific requirements that you cannot see on our website then why not contact us, one of our knowledgeable customer service team will be happy to help you with your enquiry and help you find the products that you need for your business.