Suitable for a range of different applications we have a comprehensive range of oil resistant friction back and grip top belting.

When it comes to choosing the conveyor belts that you need for your business it is vital that you ensure that the belt you are using is the correct one. This will help to ensure that you avoid any unnecessary wear and tear that can all too easily occur on your conveyor machinery. Here at AB Conveyors, we supply a comprehensive selection of top-quality friction backed belts that are manufactured using vulcanised rubber that it of an oil resistant grade.

We believe in the importance of having exactly the right equipment in order to tackle each job in the most cost effective and efficient manner possible which is why we ensure that all of the friction backed belts that we supply have been checked to make certain that they meet our high-quality standards. We use all our knowledge and expertise to make sure that these products will last you for many years to come.

Grip top and friction back conveyor belts are incredibly versatile and have been used in various applications over the years.  With most common use for Grip top and friction back conveyor belts being used in the recycling sector.

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    More on Grip Top and Friction Back Conveyor Belts

    Whether you are using a conveyor belt that is on a flat surface or one that is on either an incline or a decline, like a chevron conveyor belt, then it is vital to make sure that the belt that you are using has the capacity to withstand not only the continuous use bit also the pressure that it might come under. These issues can occur not only to the top of your conveyor belt where you will normally be placing items but all on the underneath too which can often be exposed to some rather tough conditions, and which is often overlooked. Our team of experts take incredible pride in the friction backed conveyor belts that we produce and create them to withstand all of the day-to-day tasks that might be required of them, allowing you to get your job done.

    The grip top belting that we have available is suitable for a range of different applications and can be used to carry things like cartons, boxes, and paper – lightweight goods. This type of belting features a rubber mesh that is moulded into the top cover of the belt. This is an ideal surface for absorbing things like vibrations, light impacts and also for helping to prevent slippage from occurring. We offer this type of product in a range of different thicknesses and widths. It is a popular choice with companies in the food manufacturing sector.

    If you would like to know more about our range of grip top and friction back conveyor belts, our new conveyor belts, Conveyor Impact Bars, or any of the other products that we have in our comprehensive range then please contact us and we will be happy to help.

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