Offering a comprehensive range of conveyor belt maintenance services to ensure that your conveyor appliances continue working efficiently for as long as possible.

At AB Conveyors we understand just how important a well maintained and fully working conveyor belt can be to your business, and the problems that can occur when your conveyor belt stops working. If your conveyor belt suddenly stops working, it could damage the goods being used to transport or even cause an injury which can have immediate and long-term financial implications. Our rapid maintenance services ensure that your operation is back up and running as quickly as possible.

Whether you have purchase unused conveyor belts, second hand conveyor belts or new conveyor belts time is money and when your conveyor belt is not working properly your processes will not be running as smoothly as possible. AB Conveyors Ltd should be your first port of call for dealing with any existing or ongoing conveyor maintenance issues.

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    More on Conveyor Belt maintenance

    Regular maintenance for your conveyor belt can help identify any issues before they become too serious and result in your conveyor belt breaking completely; something that is not always possible to repair. At AB Conveyors we have many years of experience working with conveyor belts of all kinds, which gives us the confidence to know we can help you. Some of our services include:

    • Belt repairs – using both hot vulcanised and cold bonded techniques (depending on the problem)
    • Belt cleaner supply – including maintenance and installation
    • Overhaul of conveyor pulleys, including change-out
    • Installation and maintenance of skirt systems
    • The supply and installation of conveyor idlers
    • The supply and installation of impact beds
    • A range of general mechanical and rubber work
    • Belt mapping and reconditioning

    Our highly skilled maintenance team are incredibly knowledgeable and use a range of modern equipment in order to provide the most comprehensive conveyor belt maintenance service possible.
    In some instances, it may simply not be possible, or cost effective, to repair your conveyor belt without compromising safety standards. In these instances, we will be happy to discuss the purchase of a new conveyor belt, or component with you. We also offer conveyor belt hire for those instances where a replacement is needed immediately whilst you consider your next purchase.

    Whether you are involved in the waste recycling sector, food, agriculture or even the equestrian sector we have the skills and knowledge to assist you with your conveyor belt maintenance. If you would like to learn more about the services that we offer, the products that we stock or any of the custom conveyor belt designs that we can assist you with then please do not hesitate to contact us. One of our experienced team members will be happy to help you.