A range of products manufactured for the equine sector, these can be cut to your own requirements for use in pens, stables and for horse exercise.

At AB Conveyors we understand that the perfect flooring really matters when it comes to your equine friends, so if you are looking for the perfect flooring then we have a comprehensive range of products that are the ideal choice. The correct groundwork is vital when it comes to the health of thoroughbreds, they need the right kind of support, and this is something that only the right kind of specific horse mats can actually provide.

We have put together a wide range of mats that can be used in your pens, stable and exercise yards. The range includes a number of standard mats that are suitable for many circumstances, however if you are not able to see exactly what you are looking for then contact us and a member of our helpful team will be happy to help you. Custom equine mats can be made to order to any size requirements that you might have.

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    More on Horse Mats (or Horse Matting)

    All of the mats that we sell have the ends cut and are fully sealed in order to ensure that our products last for as long as possible, this will ensure that you have the perfect base for all of the needs of your horse for as long as possible. In addition to this all of the horse matting that we stock is easy to clean and also easy to maintain. It is built with vulcanised plastics that are of a high grade, this means that it should withstand the wear and tear that it will see on your stable floors over the course of a number of years.

    As part of our commitment to helping to be more environmentally friendly where possible we are delighted to be able to offer a range of second-hand equine mats as part of our comprehensive product line. These have all been checked to ensure that they meet our high-quality standards, and necessary repair work has been carried out with care and precision and then each piece of matting has been carefully cleaned. This is then quality checked by our team of experts to ensure that it is up to scratch. We want to make sure that any products that we supply will provide your hoses with the best quality possible – whether you choose to buy brand new horse matting or second-hand horse matting.

    In addition to our comprehensive selection of horse mats / horse matting we also stock a range of other products suitable for use within the equine sector including equestrian conveyor belts and yard scrapers.