We understand just how important the right tool is when you want to complete a job quickly and efficiently. This is why at AB Conveyors we only provide the best conveyor belting for your mining and quarrying needs.

The work that is carried out in a mine or quarry can be incredibly extreme, taking its toll on your plant & equipment. From deep, expansive holes, to tight difficult to access areas we understand that industry requirements are incredibly specific tools in order for the job to be done properly. This means not only quickly and efficiently but also with great attention to safety protocols as well.

The list of tools that are required within the industry can be a lengthy one. In order to ensure that you have peace of mind our team of experts are here to ensure that you find the perfect tools for your specific requirements. We understand that there is a significant amount and weight that needs to be transported. This can cause all sorts of problems for your processes. Our team of professionals with their many years of experience can assist you with your requirements for conveyor belts and heavy-duty equipment needs. From the right type of chevron conveyor belts for your requirements to the perfect field belt we can make sure that you have the right set up to ensure that you can work as efficiently as possible.

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    More on Mining & Quarrying Conveyor Belting

    Whether you are looking to purchase new conveyor belts for a new set up, or perhaps would prefer second hand conveyor belts, we can help you to source the best option for your requirements. In the unlikely event that this is not possible we offer a conveyor belt maintenance service, and it may be possible to vulcanise your current conveyor belt. All of the products that we offer are long-lasting, high-quality, and incredibly durable.

    If you are looking for conveyor belts to use in the mining and quarrying sector, whether you know exactly what it is that you are looking for or you need to discuss your requirements then please do not hesitate to get in touch and see how we can assist you.

    We also offer a range of conveyor belts suitable for use in other sectors of industry including agricultural conveyor belting, equestrian conveyor belting and power station conveyor belting.