Unused new conveyor belting at a fraction of the price that new conveyor belting will set you back.

AB Conveyors are frequently awarded contracts that allow us to purchase and remove conveyor belting and other structures from companies and sites that are in the process of closing down or which are obsolete.

This provides us with the opportunity to supply a brilliant variety of conveyor belt specifications that rarely become available, making AB Conveyors the first port of call for many of the UK’s quarries, mines, recycling centers etc.

If your company wants to ensure that they have top-tier new products in place but are also looking to save money where possible then unused conveyor belts can offer a real saving. We stock a comprehensive selection of unused belts with a range of different applications, these come in a variety of lengths, shapes, and models with something to suit every need. All of the belts that we have in stock are brand new and some of them have never even been removed from their original packaging. As a company we are able to offer these unused conveyor belts at discounted prices, passing on the saving to you, our customers. These discounted prices however do not mean that there is any compromise on the quality of the items that we have to offer. This approach helps to reduce the concept of perfectly good, high-quality equipment being wasted and allows us to be able to pass on quality items at great savings to those customers who may otherwise not be able to afford them.

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    More on Unused Conveyor Belts

    If you have unused conveyor belts that you no longer need or want, perhaps you may want to consider selling it. At AB Conveyors we strongly believe in the idea of reusing items where possible and recycling damaged items for the benefit of the environment. We may be able to purchase your unused conveyor belting from you for a fair market price. If you would like to learn more about this, then why not give us a call and have a chat with one of our expert members of staff.

    Do you have any unused belt laying around, tucked in the back, hiding in storage? Here at AB, we try to reuse whenever we can and will happily take most unused belts off your hands at a fair price. Call us today and let one of our experts help you with the simple process.

    From new conveyor belts to unused we stand firmly behind the quality of every product that we sell so that you can rest assured that you are buying a quality product. All of our unused conveyor belts are vigorously tested and graded based on numerous characteristics. This ensures when you buy our top quality unused conveyor belt, you are going to get top quality unused conveyor belt.

    If you have any questions about unused conveyor belts or would like to learn more about the products that we sell then contact us, our team of friendly staff who are happy to help.

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