Providing a comprehensive range of power station conveyor belting for all of your energy processes and applications.

As one of the leading specialists in the UK, at AB Conveyors we pride ourselves on our many years of experience within the conveyor belt industry. Our team of highly knowledgeable experts are well versed in the complexity of conveyor belt requirements for the power station industry as well as a number of other sectors including agriculture, food manufacturing and waste recycling. It is this highly specialised knowledge that ensure that when it comes to ensuring that our customers have the most appropriate conveyor belt for their requirements, we can meet their needs.

The power industry is a vital necessity, and as a source of energy it is important that all power generation plants can be considered to be completely reliable. Therefore, it is essential that any conveyor belting that is utilised within power plants are durable, of high-quality and long-lasting. The disruption that can be caused by the need to replace conveyor belts or to repair them should be kept to a minimum and this is why it is vital that the correct conveyor belting is purchased in the first instance. If you are looking to purchase new conveyor belts for use in the power industry or are in need of conveyor belt maintenance then why not contact us, one of our highly experienced team will be happy to assist you with your requirements, no matter how complex they may be.

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    More on Power Station Conveyor Belting

    We offer a comprehensive range of conveyor belts for a range of applications, whether you are looking for new conveyor belts, second hand conveyor belts or unused conveyor belts we are certain we will have exactly what you are looking for to ensure the continuity of your power stations supply of power with minimal disruption. Top-quality conveyor belting is a must for this industry, and we only sell conveyor belts that has been manufactured to the highest standards. Our second-hand conveyor belting has been checked thoroughly and if we are not completely happy with it, we do not sell it, instead it is recycled for other rubber products.

    The conveyor belts that we stock come in a range of widths and sizes to suit every requirement and we also stock chevron conveyor belts which are the perfect solution for any situation where loads need to be moved up an incline securely without the risk of them falling and potentially causing injury.

    If you have any questions about any of the power station conveyor belt products that we stock or would like to discuss what conveyor belt solution might be the best one for your business, then contact us and one of our knowledgeable and friendly staff will be happy to help you find a solution that suits your needs.