Field Conveyor

This week AB Conveyors finalised to 40 heavy duty field conveyor frames for a client looking to transport aggregates across 100m.

This forms part of the conveyor frames we offer at AB Conveyors.

Conveyor frames are the most sustainable solution to transporting aggregates without the need for dump trucks. This cost-effective solution is ideal for those needing material transported over a variety of terrain. In the past, AB Conveyors have made frames to tackle a variety of environmental terrains such as steep hills, rivers and sand beds.

The conveyor frames in this video are to suit a 1000mm belt also supplied by AB Conveyors. The frames can be used again and again with a variety of applications which gives customers flexibility for future use. The modules are coated in a protective paint to stop any oxidization and ensure it continues to work at peak performance.

If you have a project where you need to transport materials high and low, far and wide, then we can help. Call today on 01623 861 771 to discuss purchasing options with one of our highly trained engineers.



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