Spiral Drums

Spiral Drums are effective solutions to conveyors dealing with a lot of mud, muck or mire.

AB Conveyors are one of the only UK manufacturers of spiral drums where all the the components are made in house. This ensures every spiral drum we complete are meeting our high-quality standards.

Spiral drums are significantly advantageous in applications where the conveyor belt carries a lot of debris. Spiral drums form an automatic cleaning mechanism during operation as they scrape debris from the belt into the cage and then deposit the material outside the conveyor system. This has become a popular option of those working in the agricultural or mining industry where muck and debris is all too familiar.

AB conveyors can manufacture spiral drums of all shapes and sizes on either a standard lead time or emergency lead time (subject to surcharge) so that you can continue your operation ASAP. Our AB Conveyors maintenance team will also be able to guarantee that the operation will continue even when issues arise.

If you require a spiral drum please do not hesitate to get in touch on 01623 861 771 or use the ‘Get a Quote’ form below.



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