At AB Conveyors we supply high quality overband magnets for various applications across all belt widths.

Overband magnets are suspended above the conveyor belt in remove any unwanted magnetic materials (e.g. ferrous) from the belt load. We stock a comprehensive range of used and new overband magnets to cater to any budget. Overband magnets can be used in a wide range of sectors such as agricultural, mining, recycling & more.

The module designed is based on a permanent or electromagnetic unit mounted into a metal frame with built in suspender hooks. A small self-cleaning belt will operate around the magnetic unit to remove any unwanted materials. The strength of the magnet will vary across applications depending on the weight of material being handled. Please speak with the team on 01623 861 771 regarding what sort of material you will be handling. We at AB Conveyors can find the most effective overband magnet for your project.

Overband magnets are not only restricted to conveyor use, they are widely used in crushers, screeners, trommells, mining operations, shredders, and recycling plants. AB Conveyors provides maintenance solutions to any existing overband magnet or ones supplies by ourselves. We understand how important it is to get your operation back up in running and so the team at AB Conveyors aims to either fix the current issue with the overband magnet or find a suitable application if fixing is not cost-effective or probable.

Give us a call on 01623 861 771 to discuss options on the best overband magnet for you OR email us at



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    AB Conveyors also offers a variety of permanent magnets for similar applications. These magnets are cost-effective solutions that are friendly to any budget. Depending on the model, they usually operate as a fixed magnet unit above the belt. The magnetic unit can be manually pulled out which scrapes off any ferrous material against a strippers into a discharge point. These units tend to be cheaper than overband magnets (depending on sizes) while still getting the job done.